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All in one Whatsapp Scraper and Message Sender Software

49$ 6 Month

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  • Quality Software
  • Feature Updates
  • 6 Month Support Inclued
  • Single Machine License

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What is All in One Whatsapp Software ?

All in One Whatsapp Software - is Advance Software with Unique Feature for send message with Images to unlimiated whatsapp contact and also send message to all groups, group members etc.

Send Bulk Whatsapp message to any Whatsapp Number using Text File import

Whatsapp Contact Scraper

Send Bulk message to all your whatsapp Contact

Whatsapp Group Scraper

Whatsapp Group Member Scraper

Send Bulk message to all your whatsapp Groups

Send Bulk message to all your whatsapp Group Members

Send Text/Image/Video Message to Any whatsapp Contacts

Software can send Customize message to one by one customer


  • Google Chrome Latest Version
  • You will Recieve only Software. Code is not Included
  • After i Confirm your purchase Code , Please Unzip Main File and Run AllinWhatsappSender.exe and Register your Licence as per below Screen.
    • Licence Email : Registered Email.
    • Registration Code : Purchase Code.
    • After Registration you can Use Software.

After Registration Licence , Start Software, software start with below screen

  • Import Contact CSV file as per format file : data.csv on software folder. in CSV file , First column is Contact number , it should be start with Country Code.
    Second Column is VAR1, its replace in Message Variable [VAR1]
    Third Column is VAR2, its replace in Message Variable [VAR2]
    Forth Column is VAR3, its replace in Message Variable [VAR3]
  • You can Send Attachment also, for attachment click on Import Attachment button
  • Click on Send now
  • All log can be export to successfully

Whatsapp Group and Group Members Scraper and Message Sender

  • Now if you want to send message to WhatsApp Groups then Click on button Send To Groups, then below screen appear
  • in this screen , You need to import all group name in Format File "grupos.csv", Then you can select group and Click on Button "Send Message To Group" as like below Screen
  • If You want To Scrap Member from Group , Then Click on Button "Get Member " for perticular group then it will scrap all group members within click.
  • If You want to send Message to Group Members then select group members and Click on Button "Send Message To Member"

Whatsapp Contact Scraper and Message Sender

  • Now if you want to scrap WhatsApp Contacts and also send to message to your whatsapp Contact Then on home Screen Click oon Button "Send To Contact"
  • For scrap WhatsApp Contacts Click oon Button "Scrap Contacts"
  • For send message to WhatsApp Contacts, select contacts and Click on Button "Send Message"
  • Click on Setting Icon on Top Bar , You can do setup
    • setup Export Format , Excel, CSV,Text Format
    • setup Software Language
    • setup Proxy VPN Setting

    • Support Will not Provide any types of customization.
    • If you need any customization so extra cost will be charge.
    • Single license support will provide for one single domain.

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