Software Development Services

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are those applications that run Desktop or laptop computer. The term is used either to contrast such "native" applications with Web-based applications that also run in the same computer, or to contrast personal computer applications with mobile phone applications.


What we do:

  • We design, develop and maintain Desktop applications that are effective, easy to use, scalable and easy-to-maintain.
  • Our applications facilitate enhancements that are modular. We have been able to achieve this because our architectures are robust, scalable and manageable.
  • Our main technologies which we focus :

Our Software Application :

1  Inventory Management system :

 Inventory Management software have following future :

Customer Master add ,Edit and Search
Supplier Informatrion Add,Edit and Search
Product Master
Manage Product Category wise
Manage Stock
Purchase Management
Sales Management
Report for Purchase,Sales


2 Blood donation management system

Blood Donation Management Software have following future :

Manage Donor with all information
Manage Donate Blood Master
Manage Discard Bottle Master
Manage Doctor
Manage Patients
Manage Blood Group Master
Manage Blood stock BloodGroup wise
Better Search option